ESSENS Keto ir efektīvs un ātrs veids, kā atbrīvoties no liekajiem taukiem. Proteīna diēta ir svara samazināšanas plāns, kas ļauj zaudēt svaru ātri, efektīvi un ilgnoturīgi. Šī diēta nodrošina muskuļu audu aizsardzību un apgādā organismu ar visām nepieciešamajām vielām un tajā pašā laikā garšo lieliski.

Keto jeb proteīna diēta ir plaši pazīstama taukaudu samazināšanas metode, kas sākotnēji tika izstrādāta pēc klīniskas nepieciešamības. Kas ir proteīna diēta, kādi ir tās pamatprincipi un nosacījumi, uzzināsiet, lasot tālāk. Kā darbojas ketoze, kas jāievēro un no kā jāizvairās. Kādas ir iespējamās kontrindikācijas un blakusparādības.



It`s story dates back to the USA in the first half of the 20th century, where nutrition and obesity first appeared as a more important medical phenomenon in connection with the increasing level of post-war society and the level of well-being. Although obesity was not perceived as a societal or civilizational problem at the time, as it is today, obese patients caused a practical problem. In many cases, it was not possible to proceed with surgery for severely obese patiens due to the excessive volume of fat in the body. These patients were bedridden, so they could not engage in physical activity to reduce adipose tissue, and an affordable way was sought to achieve a significant reduction in adipose tissue by changing their diet.
From another point of view, Dr. Russell Morse Wilder, who studied the effects of dietary and insulin changes in diabetic patients. Dr. Wilder was probably the first to use a ketogenic or protein diet for the first time for therapeutic purposes. However, we also consider prof. George L. Blackburn (1936 - 2017), who studied the process of fat burning in the human body in detail and for a long time.

Dr. Blackburn named a condition in the body called ketosis, in which the body burns mainly the storage of adipose tissue and muscle mass is preserved. He described how to cause ketosis by reducing the external intake of carbohydrates and fats in the diet to a minimum and at the same time increasing the intake of protein. By burning adipose tissue, so-called ketone bodies are formed. These ketone bodies replace nutritional carbohydrates and thus become the body`s primary source of energy.

Research of prof. Blackburn forms the scientific basis on which the concept of a protein diet is built.


What is ketosis

Ketosis is a natural state that occurs in the body when carbohydrate and fat intake decreases while increasing protein intake. The so-called ketone bodies start to form in the body, caused by the breakdown of adipose tissue. These ketone bodies replace the original carbohydrates (which were in the form of glucose, the main energy source of the organism) as an energy source. Your body will start burning stored fats preferentially and weight is reduced at the expense of adipose tissue and not muscle mass.

The organism enters the state of ketosis approximately 2 - 3 days after inducing suitable conditions.

During ketosis, not only visible subcutaneous fat is burned, but also much more dangerous internal or visceral fat, which envelops the internal organs and thus prevents their natural function. Ketosis also has a beneficial effect on the body by lowering the level of "bad" LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of "beneficial" HDL cholesterol. In the body in ketosis, the production of insulin as a fat-breaking hormone decreases and at the same time the body`s sensitivity to this hormone increases, which helps in the prevention or treatment of diabetes.

Studies have shown that ketosis, due to the above, is not accompanied by a feeling of hunger and sugar cravings, but, conversely, a feeling of good mood and a surge of energy, also referred to in some sources as well being. 

Ketosis has been shown to be a completely natural and safe condition for a healthy organism.



Do not confuse ketosis and ketoacidosis

In a superficial study of ketosis, especially in non-professional sources, you will often come across a description of ketosis as a dangerous condition that threatens the body. However, it is almost certainly a confusion between the words ketosis and ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a condition of the body occurring in people with insufficient production of the hormone insulin or with increased insulin resistance (i.e. in diabetics). The level of ketone bodies in these people is exceeding the limit, which is very dangerous for the person.


Reducing the risk of yo-yo effect

With conventional reduction diets, there is a high risk that the body loses weight, but much of this loss occurs at the expense of muscle tissue. After ending the diet and returning to a normal diet, the body has difficulty coping with a new influx of energy, which it begins to store again, and there is a significant risk of the so-called yo-yo effect.

The main advantage of the protein diet is the fact that the risk of the subsequent yo-yo effect is significantly reduced.

ESSENS Keto steps

You will receive everything you need for a successful protein diet in the ESSENS Keto packs. All ESSENS Keto products have a reduced sugar content and a high protein content. With the combination of ESSENS Keto products, ketosis is started in the body. 

The body stops burning carbohydrates and "switches" to fat burning mode. Due to the fact that even the body`s normal energy consumption is considerable, even the fat stored in the body will quickly disappear and the body will lose weight significantly.
During ESSENS Keto, the body will burn other long-term stored substances, including toxic ones, which leads to natural detoxification of the body. The balanced composition of ESSENS Keto products guarantees a fast course and the optimal protein content ensures that you only lose excess fat. Part of the composition of ESSENS Keto products is a balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. You don`t have to count calories or monitor nutrient ratios, we did it for you. No starvation and no worries about what to eat next.
The ESSENS Keto diet is divided into 3 consecutive phases, thanks to which you will not only lose excess fat but also maintain your standard weight. All you have to do is follow the basic rules of ESSENS Keto.



Basic ESSENS Keto rules


At least 2.5 - 3 liters of water or unsweetened liquid per day. Coffee, black or green tea is allowed up to a limit of 4 cups per day. Only black coffee without milk and sugar is allowed. Adequate fluid intake ensures the removal of all undesirable substances that arise during weight reduction in the body.

Tip: If you are one of those who have a problem monitoring fluids, prepare a 2 x 1.5 litre bottle of water in the morning and both bottles should be empty by the end of the day.

Consume at least 300 - 500 g of the selected "permitted" vegetables, at most 1,000 g per day. The permitted vegetables are different for each phase of ESSENS Keto. A detailed list of permitted vegetables can be found below in the chapters detailing each phase. Vegetables can be consumed as a side dish to protein meals or between meals.

Note: Meals prepared from permitted vegetables are consumed IN ADDITION to ESSENS Keto portions, not INSTEAD OF THEM!

The interval between protein meals should be approximately 3 hours. The first meal of the day within half an hour after waking up and the last a maximum 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Example: You get up at 7:00 AM - the first meal (breakfast) should be at 7:30 AM, the next meal (snack) is at 10:30 AM, followed by lunch at 13:30 and then a snack at 16:30 followed by dinner at 19:30.



What to avoid during ESSENS Keto

Remember that the keto diet is extremely sensitive to carbohydrates and they should be avoided in any form. For example, one piece of bread can contain 15 - 20 g of carbohydrates, which would stop the keto diet for a few days, and that would be a shame. It would then take 2-3 lost days to start again.

Remember that otherwise "healthy" carbohydrates and starches are forbidden during the diet. Do not consume any sugary drinks or juices at all. Avoid sweets, chips or salty delicacies. Consumption of honey, fruit and dairy products is prohibited.

Do not consume even limited amounts of alcohol during the diet. Some vegetables are also banned at some stages of the reduction. Side dishes, including rice and potatoes, are also prohibited.

However, do not worry, all restrictions apply only during the reduction period, after the end of the diet within the normal rational diet, you will return to most of them in a reasonable amount.


Physical activity during ESSENS Keto

The protein diet is suitable for people with limited physical activity and non-athletes.

Sports activity during the first two phases of the diet is not necessary. It is gradually introduced only in the last third phase of the keto diet and continues in normal life after reduction.

Therefore, do not plan any new sports activities in the first two phases of ESSENS Keto. However, if you were used to physical activity before the diet, you can keep it, but expect that your performance will be reduced by about 40% due to limited energy intake. So plan a physical activity with this limitation in mind. The performance will return to you as soon as you switch to the usual rational diet after the end of this diet.


Is ketosis safe?

Yes, for a healthy organism, short-term ketosis induced by reduction for a period of about 12 weeks is completely safe. On the contrary, reducing the proportion of fat in the body brings health benefits to the body.

It should be borne in mind that obesity and overweight individuals are a risk factor for a large number of diseases (type 2 diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, joint diseases, some cancers).

Long-term obesity is a much greater burden for your body than short-term nutritional ketosis. On the contrary, the body will benefit from weight loss in the long run. Ketosis is the body`s natural state and healthy livers and kidneys, as the main "cleansing" organs that help remove harmful substances from the body, deal with it.

Reduction with a protein diet is safe for a healthy organism, but there are some diseases and conditions in the body when its use is contraindicated.

These are in particular:

  • All diseases of the kidney system
  • All liver diseases
  • Diseases of the gallbladder, intestines and digestive system
  • Diabetes
  • Crohn`s disease, ulcerative colitis
  • Diseases of the heart and circulatory system - myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disorders, angina pectoris
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Gout disease
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Eating disorders - bulimia or anorexia
  • Allergy to any component of the product
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age up to 18 years

If you are well aware of your health and do not suffer from any of the above medical conditions, a protein diet is suitable for you.

If you are unsure, consult with your doctor before starting a protein diet.

Although ketosis is a completely physiological state of the body, some side effects can occur to varying degrees during it and need to be prepared for.



Adverse and specific effects of a protein diet

More frequent urination
As the body gets rid of the substances created by burning adipose tissue and in connection with dehydration, there is an increased need for urination. This is perfectly normal, especially in the first half of the reduction mode. It is therefore necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water and unsweetened liquids in a volume of 2.5 - 3 litres per day throughout the reduction.

Fatigue, headaches and hunger
They appear especially in the beginning of reduction. The body has so far been used to eating much more carbohydrates in the diet. The body may initially respond to lowering blood sugar by feeling hungry, craving for sweets, headaches and fatigue. These feelings usually disappear with the development of ketosis (2-3 days). If these symptoms occur, allow the body more rest. For headaches, you can reach for a regular analgesic.

Constipation and diarrhea
Constipation is typically related to the fact that the body is not used to receiving the recommended amount of fiber. Pay close attention to the recommended amount of fluids (2.5 - 3 litres per day), the body will gradually get used to receiving fiber and the constipation will go away. Do not confuse constipation with stool volume reduction. Be aware that the body consumes less food overall and the frequency of "great needs" decreases. With a radical change in diet, the opposite problem may occur - diarrhea. This sometimes occurs as an unpleasant part of reducing carbohydrates in the diet. As the body gets used to the new regimen, the diarrhea disappears. If diarrhea occurs, include an extra 1-2 tablespoons of quality olive oil a day in your diet. However, diarrhea should not last longer than about 2-3 days. If it takes a long time, contact our specialist or your doctor.

Metallic taste or dry mouth
Although this effect is unpleasant, it usually indicates a properly functioning ketosis. It can be partly due to the dehydration of the body and partly the production of ketone bodies that carry a specific smell. Sugar-free chewing gum or a sprig of fresh mint in the mouth can easily deal with this problem.

Illness or weakness
Until the beginning of the diet, your body was used to the fact that its energy needs were covered by carbohydrates in the form of quickly available glucose. Ketone bodies, which replace carbohydrates in ketosis, are not so readily available, or the body has to do some work to use them. The body initially resists this and "is calling" for carbohydrates that would be readily available. This can manifest as malaise or mild weakness or hunger. With the development of ketosis and the availability of ketone bodies, these symptoms disappear. If it appears at first, do not forget to consume the permitted vegetables, at least 500 g. This amount of vegetables also acts as a "filling" of the stomach and filling the stomach will "turn off" one of the receptors causing a feeling of hunger. At the same time, always follow the drinking regime (2.5 - 3 liters of water per day).

Menstrual cycle changes
The rapid loss of hormonally active adipose tissue can exceptionally lead to temporary changes in the menstrual cycle in sensitive women. Correction will usually occur in the next two cycles at the latest. If your cycle is irregular after 3 months, consult your gynecologist.


The most common errors during ESSENS Keto

The success of ESSENS Keto depends on strict adherence to the regime, which makes it very simple, but also somewhat prone to error. Some, at first glance, minor transgressions can seriously disrupt the successful course of the diet. To prevent this from happening, let`s recall some of the recurring mistakes.

Not following the regular supply of proteins and other substances!
Sometimes during the diet we feel that we are full enough (we are not hungry) and we only need 3 or 4 servings of ESSENS Keto products. This is a basic bug that you must avoid. If we do not regularly supply the body with proteins within 5 meals a day, the body will obtain them elsewhere, reach into the body`s muscle tissue and you will also lose muscle mass. This is exactly what we prevent by regularly consuming ESSENS Keto products by never excluding them. 

Not following the drinking regime!
The removal of waste products from the body is the basis of long-term reduction, a drinking regime is essential. If you have trouble estimating the amount, feel free to measure it in advance. If you have a headache during ESSENS Keto, it is often due to a lack of fluid intake.

Adding sugar or honey to drinks, tea and coffee! 
The slightest supply of carbohydrates above the limit contained in ESSENS Keto products destroys the diet. Fruit also contains a large amount of sugar, therefore it is forbidden in the protein diet. Although a single intake of carbohydrates will not impair the diet permanently, it will take 2-3 days to restart ketosis.

Even starches are carbohydrates (more precisely, polysaccharides)!
The idea that one croissant can`t hurt is completely wrong. On the contrary, pastry (even whole grain) can reliably stop the ketosis. Be careful.

Consuming alcohol even in a reasonable amount is harmful to the diet!
Alcohol has hidden calories and sugars. What is healthy and normal in everyday life without reduction (for example, 2 dcl of dry red wine a day) does not belong in the protein diet. In particular, avoid regular consumption of small amounts of wine or beer, this significantly slows down the diet in the long run. This restriction is not permanent and only applies to the diet, after the end of the diet you will be able to continue to indulge in your favourite glass.

Low consumption of vegetables!
Keep in mind that vegetables, in addition to ESSENS Keto products, have several functions. On the one hand, it fills the stomach, still used to a larger volume of food, and thus contributes to a feeling of satiety and the absence of a feeling of hunger. Furthermore, it ensures the proper function of the intestines so that it is ready to process normal food after the end of the diet. Last but not least, it enriches your diet. Give vegetables a chance and treat yourself to at least 300 - 500 g of allowed vegetables throughout the day.

Return to bad eating habits after the diet!
It`s a great thing to have a protein diet and lose weight. Remember that excess weight has its causes. Often in the irregular consumption of food or their unbalanced composition (too much carbohydrates and fats, only 2 meals a day, too many sweet drinks, etc.).



After the diet

Losing extra pounds will be the first and crucial step to a total change in eating habits. During reduction, your body should get used to a regular diet and adequate fluid intake. After the end of the diet, plan a regular sports activity that will accompany you for a long time. During the 3 phases of reduction, get acquainted with the basic principles of a rational diet that will help you maintain the results achieved in the long run. Remember the basic principles and know that you will feel much better after losing the extra pounds.


Now you have learned what a protein diet is, what its basic principles and rules are. You know how ketosis works, what to follow and what to avoid. Take a look now at the diet link, where you will learn more about the individual phases of ESSENS Keto.

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ESSENS Keto proteīna diēta sastāv no 3 vienāda ilguma fāzēm (katra fāze ilgst 4 nedēļas).Lai uzzinātu vairāk, apmeklējiet ESSENS Keto cilni mūsu mājas lapā.

Visu fāžu pamatā ir ESSENS Keto proteīna maltīšu, noteikta veida atļautauto dārzeņu un veselīgo taukvielu (ierobežotā daudzumā) kombinācija.

Visām 3 fāzēm ir daži kopīgi noteikumi, kas attiecas uz visu diētu.

Dārzeņu ēšana
Dzeršanas režīms
Ēšanas regularitāte
Visas maltītes ESSENS Keto iepakojumā ir īpaši radītas ar paaugstinātu olbaltumvielu, samazinātu cukura un optimālu taukvielu saturu. Vienlaicīgi, maltītes sniedz jūsu organismam nepieciešamos vitamīnus, minerālvielas un mikroelementus, kas nepieciešami, lai diēta darbotos. Jūs varat kombinēt maltītes pēc patikas.
Dārzeņu ēšana
Papildus piecām ikdienas maltītēm, atsevišķās diētas fāzēs, varat uzņemt 500-1000 g atļauto dārzeņu. Atļautie dārzeņi katrā fāzē atšķiras. Dārzeņus varat uzņemt gan kā piedevu maltītēm, gan vienus pašus, kad vien vēlaties. Atļautie dārzeņi neaizstāj ESSENS Keto maltītes, bet ir svarīga diētas sastāvdaļa.
Dzeršanas režīms
Lai panāktu diētas optimālu efektivitāti, ir jāievēro dzeršanas režīms, 2,5 - 3 litri nesaldināta šķidruma dienā. Īpaši ieteicams ir tīrs ūdens, minerālūdens bez garšas, zaļā un zāļu tēja. Varat sevi palutināt arī ar augļu tēju (bet ne no svaigiem augļiem vai koncentrāta). Kafijas cienītāji un melnās tējas cienītāji var izbaudīt apmēram 4 tases dienā (t.i., kopā apmēram 800 ml kafijas vai tējas). Nesaldiniet dzērienus ar cukuru vai medu.
Uztura bagātinātāji
ESSENS Keto rūpējas par pareizu ķermeņa darbību ne tikai diētas laikā, bet arī pēc tās. Neaizmirstiet reizi dienā uzņemt Ketoferm un Ahiflower omega uztura bagātinātājus, kas ir iekļauti ESSENS Keto iepakojumā. Tas garantēs organisma optimālu stāvokli un pareizu gremošanas sistēmas darbību.
No kā izvairīties
Proteīna diēta var būt arī neefektīva. Piemēram, viens klasiskais kruasāns, vai viens alus (pārtikas produkti ar augstu ogļhidrātu saturu) var pārtraukt ketozes procesu. Pēc tam ketozes atsākšana ilgst 2-3 dienas. Proteīna diētas laikā ir jāizvairās no visiem pārtikas produktiem ar augstu ogļhidrātu vai tauku saturu. Galvenokārt tie ir saldumi, konditorejas izstrādājumi, čipsi un sāļās uzkodas, auksti gaļas izstrādājumi, delikateses, stiprie alkoholiskie dzērieni, saldinātās limonādes, sulas un citi. Dažos Keto diētas posmos nav atļauts lietot noteiktus piena produktus, augļus un dārzeņus, rīsus un, piemēram, kartupeļus. Tā kā aizliegto pārtikas produktu saraksts ir krietni garāks nekā atļauto, katrā diētas fāzē ir uzskaitīts kādus produktus drīkst lietot.
Fiziskā aktivitāte
Proteīna diēta ir piemērots svara samazināšanas veids pat tiem, kuri ar fiziskām aktivitātēm nodarbojas ierobežotā daudzumā vai arī ar sportu nenodarbojas nemaz. Ja ir vēlme sportot, pirmajā fāzē iespējams turpināt tās aktivitātes, pie kurām organisms ir pieradis, taču nav ieteicams uzsākt jaunus sporta veidus. Turpinot sportot, rēķinieties ar to, ka sportiskais sniegums diētas laikā ir aptuveni 50 - 60% no ierastā. Diētas beigās sportiskais sniegums normalizējas.
ESSENS Keto fāzes

ESSENS Keto iepakojumā atradīsiet visu, pirmajai fāzei nepieciešamo . Šī ir visefektīvākā un visstingrāk noteiktā svara samazināšanas fāze, kuras laikā notiek vislielākais taukaudu zudums. Tā organismā uzsāk ketozes procesu, kura laikā ķermenis sāk iegūt enerģiju no uzkrātajiem taukaudiem. Ja process uzsākts pareizi, ketozi nepavada izsalkuma sajūta vai enerģijas trūkums. Tā izraisīšana organismā ilgst apmēram 2-3 dienas.

Phase 1 lasts 4 weeks. At this stage, you will reduce 60 - 70% of the total planned reduction.

During the ESSENS Keto Phase 1, you will consume only 5 times a day protein meals from the ESSENS Keto menu, with the amount of vegetables permitted along with sufficient fluid intake. It is necessary to pay attention to the intake of 2.5 - 3 liters of unsweetened liquids per day. 

Protein meals
In Phase 1, we will combine 5 times a day only meals from the ESSENS Keto pack and the vegetables permitted during Phase 1. You can treat yourself to the first meal about 1/2 hour after waking up and the next at intervals of 3 hours. All meals are interchangeable and you can combine them to your liking.

During the day, in addition to the listed meals, you can treat yourself to a sufficient amount of permitted vegetables. This amount should be between 500 - 1,000 g. The tolerance of the amount of permitted vegetables is considerable and depends on your taste. At the beginning of the diet, we recommend using a standard kitchen scale to weigh vegetables so that you have an overview of their intake. Remember that you eat vegetables in addition to the meals from the ESSENS Keto menu, not instead of them. Include vegetables either as a side dish or between meals.

Permitted vegetables during Phase 1
Artichoke, broccoli, celery (bulbs and stalks), zucchini, chicory, all kinds of mushrooms (fresh and frozen), cauliflower, cabbage, radish, cucumber, spinach, beans, cabbage (lettuce and sour without added sugar), fennel, asparagus, eggplant, corn salad (also known as corn salad plant, lamb´s lettuce, Lewiston cornsalad, l. Valerianella locusta), watercress, all kinds of lettuce, all herbs.

Option on how to prepare permitted vegetables In addition to raw vegetables, you can also use heat treatments that preserve minerals and vitamins.

We especially recommend:

  • Steam cooking
  • Stewing
  • Oven baking (dry without adding fat)
  • Grilling
  • Frying on a pan
  • Blanching (quick boiling in hot water followed by cooling in ice water)

To enhance the taste and aroma of prepared vegetables, you can use the following flavours to a limited extent. You can diversify your ESSENS Keto meals and vegetables or indulge in them as a separate delicacy:

  • To your taste: salt, pepper, fresh herbs, spices, soy sauce
  • Max. 1 teaspoon per serving: lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar, mustard, dried onion, dried garlic, fresh ginger
  • Max. 2 tablespoons of quality oil per day (e.g. for grilling or roasting vegetables): olive, rapeseed, flaxseed, coconut, pumpkin, sunflower
  • Max. 2 tablespoons per day (to diversify meals and vegetables or as a separate delicacy): almonds, grated coconut, hazelnuts, para-nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds

The offer of permitted vegetables, flavourings and a number of modifications is wide even in the  strictest Phase 1. Don`t be afraid to experiment with the preparation according to the above principles.

From the permitted types of vegetables (especially cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, celery) it is possible to prepare an excellent soup by cooking, mixing and subsequent seasoning according to the rules above, which will come in handy between individual protein dishes. The warm soup will perfectly satisfy your tastes and in addition it can be prepared in larger quantities and stored in the refrigerator.

Example: You are going to prepare our ESSENS mushroom omelette for dinner, why not add 250 g of spinach flavoured with dried garlic. A delicious dinner is born.  Why not have grated cucumber salad with pepper, salt, a little vinegar or lemon juice in the fridge and indulge in it between meals. At the beginning of the diet, when you feel peckish, this is a quick solution. 


Šī fāze ir būtiska, lai novērstu tā dēvēto jojo efektu. Viss, diētas 2. fāzei, nepieciešamais , ir atrodams ESSENS Keto iepakojumā. Šajā fāzē turpinās ievērojama taukaudu samazināšanās. Tās mērķis ir nodrošināt stabilu un regulāru, olbaltumvielām bagātu, pārtikas uzņemšanu organismā.

Phase 2 lasts 4 weeks again, i.e. the same time as phase one. At this stage, you will reduce 20-30% of the planned total weight loss.

However, unlike Phase 1,  2 ESSENS Keto meals will be replaced by regular, protein-rich meals. The other 3-day meals remain ESSENS Keto. Consumption of 5 meals therefore remains. It is necessary to pay attention to the intake of 2.5 - 3 liters of unsweetened liquids per day.

The menu should look like this: 8:00 ESSENS Keto porridge, 11:00 ESSENS Keto shake, 14:00 standard, protein-rich meal, 17:00 ESSENS Keto shake, 20:00 standard, protein-rich meals.

You can still tailor the menu and replace any daily meal, but if the options allow, replace lunch and dinner.

Standard, protein-rich meals during Phase 2
So what do we mean by regular, protein-rich foods? These are meals composed of common foods, but still retaining the characteristics of increased protein content, reduced sugar content and balanced fat content.

During the ESSENS Keto Phase 2, we will replace 2 daily meals with one of the following meals in the specified amount (raw):

  • 100 g of any beef
  • 150 g chicken or turkey (skinless)
  • 150 g of white tofu
  • 100 g of any fresh fish
  • 100 g of rabbit meat or game
  • 100 g poultry liver
  • 100 g tuna in own juice
  • 3 hen eggs
  • 100 g of seitan or tempeh
  • 200 g cottage cheese
  • 150 g of seafood
  • 100 g mozzarella
  • 150 g Balkan cheese
  • 100 g lean ham without bone
  • 150 g fat cottage cheese

We prepare common, protein-rich meals in a suitable way to preserve nutritional values. E.g.:

  • Cooking
  • Steaming
  • Dry baking in the oven 
  • Stewing
  • Grilling (we can use an extra 1 teaspoon of quality oil per serving)
  • Frying in a pan (we can use an extra 1 teaspoon of quality oil per serving)

For these meals, we continue to consume 500 - 1,000 g of permitted vegetables, either raw or heat-treated.

Permitted vegetables during Phase 2
The range of permitted vegetables for Phase 2 is extended compared to Phase 1 by other vegetables (in bold): Artichoke, broccoli, celery (bulbs and stalks), zucchini, chicory, all kinds of mushrooms (fresh and frozen), cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, cucumber, spinach, beans, cabbage (lettuce and sour without added sugar), fennel, asparagus, eggplant, patison, corn salad (also known as corn salad plant, lamb´s lettuce, Lewiston cornsalad, l. Valerianella locusta), leek, watercress, all kinds of green salad, all herbs, white or red onion (1 pc / day), pumpkin (100 g / day), tomato (max. 2 pc / day) , kohlrabi (1 pc / day), red and green peppers (max. 1 medium / day), lentils (3 tablespoons / day), soy sprouts (2 tablespoons / day) )

We use permitted vegetables for Phase 2 as a side dish to regular, protein-rich meals, as well as between meals, as we are used to from Phase 1. We again consume vegetables raw or heat-treated as in Phase 1.

To enhance the taste and aroma of the prepared vegetables, we can, to a limited extent, use the same flavourings and seasonings in the same amount as mentioned in Phase 1.

The second stabilization Phase 2 will enrich your diet with regular meals, which makes it much more interesting in taste, but it is also more difficult to plan common protein-rich meals. Therefore, always make sure the day before you have the ingredients ready for the next day`s meals. This is very important for the proper functioning of Phase 2. Don`t forget to plan meals at least a day in advance.



Šī ir ESSENS Keto pēdējā fāze, un tās mērķis ir sagatavot organisma atgriešanos pie normāla uztura. Tas faktiski ir pagarināts 2. posms.

The duration of Phase 3 is again 4 weeks. After this ESSENS Keto final phase, your body will be a few pounds lighter and ready to return to a normal rational diet.

In Phase 2, you replaced 2 meals from the ESSENS Keto menu with regular, protein-rich meals. In Phase 3, you will replace one of the meals in the same way. Your diet in Phase 3 will therefore consist of 2 servings from the ESSENS Keto menu and 3 regular, protein-rich meals. As in Phase 2, it is up to you what food you will replace, but if possible, try replacing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Even in Phase 3, the same basic rules apply as in the previous phases, i.e. meals 5 times a day, consumption of permitted vegetables 500 - 1,000 g and intake of a sufficient amount of unsweetened liquids 2.5 - 3 liters per day.

Permitted vegetables in Phase 3
The types of vegetables allowed in phase 3 are expanding again (in bold): Artichoke, broccoli, celery (bulbs and stalks), zucchini, chicory, all kinds of mushrooms (fresh and frozen), cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, cucumber, spinach, beans, cabbage (lettuce and sour without added sugar), fennel, asparagus, eggplant, patison, corn salad (also known as corn salad plant, lamb´s lettuce, Lewiston cornsalad, l. Valerianella locusta), leek, watercress, all kinds of green salad, all herbs, white or red onion (1 pc / day), pumpkin (100g / day), tomato (max. 2 pc / day), kohlrabi (1 pc / day), red and green peppers (max. 1 medium / day), avocado (1/2 pc / day), lentils (3 tablespoons / day), soy sprouts (2 tablespoons / day) , beetroot (1 smaller piece / day), carrots (1 medium piece / day), corn (4 tablespoons / day), peas (4 tablespoons / day), parsley root (1 medium piece / day)

Standard, protein-rich foods for Phase 3
The list and preparation of common meals remains the same as in Phase 2.

To enhance the taste and aroma of the prepared vegetables, we can, to a limited extent, use the same flavorings and seasonings in the same amount as mentioned in Phase 1. 

Lai izvairītos no kļūdām un sasniegtu optimālu svara zudumu, pirms diētas uzsākšanas, rūpīgi izlasiet visu, par ESSENS Keto, piedāvāto informāciju, mūsu mājas lapā.
Piederošie produkti
Drukātie materiāli
Catalogue 2022 part V LT
Catalogue 2022 part V LT

1.80 €

Drukātie materiāli
Catalogue 2022 part V VEN
Catalogue 2022 part V VEN

1.80 €

Mazāk par 5 gab
Ketoferm RU
Ketoferm RU

26.70 €

Essens Keto Shaker
Essens Keto Shaker

4.90 €

Proteīna diētas informācija
Essens Keto Shake Banana/Straw 0,5kg

43.50 €

Essens Keto Shake Choco 0,5kg

43.50 €

Essens Keto Shake Nut 0,5kg

43.50 €

Essens Keto Shake Cherry/Vanilla 0,5kg

43.50 €

Essens Keto Porridge Bacon 0,5kg

57.80 €

Essens Keto Porridge Vanilla 0,5kg

57.80 €

Essens Keto Omelet Mushroom 0,5kg

49.90 €


ESSENS Keto diētas svara samazināšanas 1. fāzē 5 reizes dienā uzņemam proteīna maltītes no ESSENS Keto iepakojuma + 1. fāzē atļautos dārzeņus .

2. fāzē jūs varat sevi palutināt ar ESSENS Keto iepakojuma proteīna maltīti 3 reizes dienā + pašgatavotu, olbaltumvielām bagātu, maltīti divas reizes dienā. Un protams ar 2. fāzē atļautajiem dārzeņiem.

ESSENS Keto 3. fāzē jūs uzņemsiet ESSENS Keto proteīna maltīti divas reizes dienā + pašgatavotu, olbaltumvielām bagātu, maltīti kopā ar 3. fāzē atļautajiem dārzeņiem.

Recepšu iedvesma ESSENS Keto 2. un 3. fāzei
Nebaidieties būt radoši. Eksperimentējiet kombinējot dažādas sastāvdaļas.
ilustratīvs attēls
Grilēta tītara krūtiņa ar cukīni un sēnēm

Baziliks (pēc garšas)
Ķiploki (1 daiviņa)
Tītara krūtiņa (100 g)
Sēnes (100 g)
Cukīni (100 g)
Olīveļļa (2 ēd.k. )
Citronu sula (1 ēd.k.)
Sāls un pipari

Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Liellopu gaļas burgers ar ziedkāpostu biezeni
Liellopa maltā gaļa (100 g) Ziedkāposti (150 g) Ķiploki (1 daiviņa) Olas (1 gab.) Olīveļļa (1 ēd.k.) Maurloki (1 ēd.k) Koriandrs (1 tējkarote) Lociņi (2 ēdamkarotes) Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Pildītas portobello sēnes ar tītara (vai liellopa) gaļu un fetas sieru
  • Portobello sēnes (2 gab.)
  • Malta liellopa vai tītara gaļa (100 g)
  • Fetas siers (50 g)
  • Tomāts (1 gab.)
  • Ķiploki (1 daiviņa)
  • Sarkanais sīpols,
  • Eļļa (1 ēdamkarote)
  • Timiāns (pēc garšas)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Cepti brokoļi ar olām un sieru
  • Brokoļi (200 g)
  • Olas (2 gab.)
  • Balkānu siers / fetas siers (50 g)
  • Olīveļļa (1 tējkarote)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Cepts lasis ar sparģeļiem un baziliku
  • Lasis (100 g)
  • Zaļie sparģeļi (150 g)
  • Olīveļļa (2 ēdamkarotes)
  • Oregano un baziliks (pēc izvēles)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Ziedkāpostu risoto
  • Tītara vai vistas krūtiņa (100 g)
  • Ziedkāposti (300 g)
  • Sīpols (1 gab.)
  • Olīveļļa (2 ēd. k. )
  • Ķiršu tomāti (4 gab.)
  • Baziliks un timiāns (pēc garšas)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Cepts tofu ar baklažāniem un cukīni
  • Tofu (150 g)
  • Cukīni (100 g)
  • Baklažāni (100 g)
  • Olīveļļa (2 ēd.k.)
  • Timiāns
  • Rozmarīns
  • Oregano (pēc izvēles)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Zaļās pupiņu pākstis ar šķiņķi
  • Zaļo pupiņu pākstis (300 g)
  • Liess šķiņķis (100 g)
  • Ķiploki (1-2 daiviņas)
  • Olīveļļa (2 ēdamkarotes)
  • Sāls un pipari

Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Grilēta forele ar ziedkāpostu rīsiem
  • Foreles vai citas zivs fileja (100 g)
  • Ziedkāposti (200 g)
  • Olīveļļa (2 ēd.k.)
  • Sīpols (50 g)
  • Ķiršu tomāti (4 gab.)
  • Svaigs koriandrs (1 tējk. )
  • Kurkuma (pēc izvēles)
  • Sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Avokado salāti ar svaigiem dārzeņiem un mājas sieru (Palutiniet sevi ar ātri pagatavojamiem un garšīgiem salātiem, kuriem variet pievienot arī citus atļautos dārzeņus)
  • mājas siers (200g)
  • gurķis (100g)
  • avokādo (½)
  • tomāts (1 gab)
  • sarkanā paprika (1 gab)
  • jaunie sīpoli vai sarkanie sīpoli (1 gab)
  • olīveļļa (1 ēd.k)
  • sāls un pipari
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Cukīni spageti ar vistu un avokado biezeni
  • vistas gaļa (150 g )
  • cukini (300 g)
  • avokado (½)
  • jaunais sīpols (1 gab.)
  • ķiploki (1 daiviņa)
  • olīveļļa (2 ēd. k.)
  • baziliks pēc garšas
  • citronu sula (1 ēdamkarote)
Kā uzsākt
ilustratīvs attēls
Tunča salāti ar sīpoliem un olām
  • Tuncis savā sulā (100 g)
  • Olas (2 gab)
  • Selerija (50 g)
  • Sarkanais sīpols (1 gab.)
  • Olīveļļa (1 ēdamkarote)
  • Pipari un sāls
Kā uzsākt
ID: 920060575
05.04.2024, 11:11


ID: 920085052
30.05.2023, 19:38

\"Da 171kg a 85kg: il mio percorso di trasformazione grazie ad Essens! Finalmente mi sento davvero un\'altra persona

ID: 920023866
26.05.2023, 08:47

Ho fatto tante diete nella mia vita ma questo programma e una bomba in 3 settimane 10 kg mi sento diverso più energico passati attacchi di fame ,e la notte dormo una meraviglia ,consiglio al 1000x1000

ID: 880007581
13.03.2023, 13:32


ID: 10053310
02.11.2022, 20:41

За два тижні -13 кг.Результат просто вражає.Смачні коктейлі та каші.А бонус?-широкий та різний асортимент

Phoebe Janssens
ID: 1010070814
13.08.2022, 13:46

Ik ben nu 9 weken bezig met het keto-dieet en ben er zeer content van.
De eerste week was de moeilijkste maar daarna ging het steeds beter en beter, ik ben ondertussen 13 kilo kwijt en voel mij veel beter , fitter en heb weer energie gekregen. Ik raad het ook aan mensen die nog twijfelen. Mijn huisarts was er op tegen dat ik het keto-dieet ging doen maar mijn cardioloog had geen bezwaar. Ik ben zeer blij dat ik dit dieet begonnen ben en dat mijn gezondheid ook met sprongen weer vooruit gaat.

ID: 930007242
02.07.2022, 12:24

Γεια σας αγαπητοι
Ειμαι η Ιωάννα 50 ετων με ρυθμισμένο υποθυροιδισμο χρόνια λαμβάνω Τ4 των 50.
Πρώην αθλήτρια κ ποδηλάτης. Προ 8 ετών έμεινα έγκυος απέκτησα υποθυροιδισμο κ δυσκολευομουν να απαλαγω απο τα κιλα μου με οτι προσπαθειες κ αν έκανα herealife κτλΝα σειμειωθειοτι ως πριν την εγκυμοσυνη ολα ταχρονιαημουν 51 κιλα! Με την essens keto έχω ενθουσιαστεί ,έχω κατέβει 5 κιλά σε 8 μέρες σταμάτησαν τα οιδηματα στους αστραγάλους
μου,περπατάω ποιο ανάλαφρα τα ρούχα άρχισαν να ναι μπόλικα.,σταματησα να ροχαλιζω στον υπνο μο ,σταματησα να λαχανιαζω κ πλέονμπορω να δεσω τα κορδωνια μου αρχισαν να αναδεικνιοονται τα κοψίματα κ οι γωνίες στο σώμα κ το πρόσωπο μου

ID: 940013831
23.06.2022, 23:35

No es una dieta como otras, es un estilo de vida. Desde el primer día empecé a perder volumen. Pasado el reto de 12 semanas con ESSENS KETO puedo decir que he bajado 17kg.
Estoy encantada con estos productos, de la facilidad de utilizarlos y están ricos. Me decanto por el batido de chocolate junto con el de avellanas, es espectacular.
Después de toda una vida peleando por bajar de peso, he conseguido por fin bajar tantos kilos.
Gracias por crear esta gama de productos.

ID: 920009637
20.05.2022, 21:28

Una dieta differente che mantiene ciò che promette .Dopo 3 settimane già persi 6 kg senza fatica,senza stress,senza fame.Una sensazione di benessere generale e una ritrovata energia. Grazie Essens ,anche stavolta hai centrato l\'obiettivo.

Romina Amato
ID: 920129066
03.05.2022, 21:37


il programma di Essens Keto è stato l\'investimento più intelligente che abbia mai fatto nella vita. Non ho MAI fame e ho perso una taglia in una settimana. Ho perso anche centimetri sulle gambe e polpacci, cosa mai successa con altre diete. Grazie per averla progettata

Ana Maria
ID: 940004365
02.05.2022, 10:31

Hola Soy Ana desde España, en dias pasados os puse una reseña de lo bien que me habia ido realizar la Essens Keto para mi perdida de peso y volumen, hoy no me podia estar de deciros que despues de una semana de haber finalizado las 3 fases de Keto, me he vuelto a pesar y mi peso y mi grasa corporal continuan bajando. Continuo haciendo dieta saludable, Essens Keto tambien me ha servido para reeducarme en mi alimentación. Em mi reseña anterior 28/04/22 mi peso habia bajado en casi 13 kg. A fecha de hoy desde el inicio de Essens Keto he bajado 14 kg. Me siento fántastica y con mucha energia, además mi autoestima ha subido, ahora cuando me miro al espejo me gusta lo que veo. Yo recomiendo este sistema 100x100.

ID: 920087112
30.04.2022, 23:54

Mi chiamo Marcela Slaba ed ho iniziato il mio percorso Keto il 3 febbraio..mi sono piaciuti subito tutti i prodotti, sia dolci che salati..e poi, tutti trasformabili a piacere nei dolci cotti o non, dei salati in pane, focacce, muffin o creppes ripieni con tante verdure deliziose .. e quando non mi andava cucinare o non avevo il tempo, preparavo semplicemente i shake o porridge o omelette in due minuti.. fantastico per i viaggi o fuori casa.. insomma molto facile, gustoso e veloce e non ho mai sentita la fame
Riguardo ai risultati ad oggi ho perso 10kg e 48 cm

Ana Maria
ID: 940004365
30.04.2022, 17:57

Durante la pandemia engordé mucho y hace unos meses me recomendaron la dieta keto. Fué muy dura para mi y terminé dejandola.

Hace tres meses empecé con Essens Keto y ha sido estupendo A parte de que he perdido 14 kg no me he tenido de pasar tiempo leyendo etiquetas de productos ni tiempo en la cocina. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.
Enhorabuena por el producto.

ID: 940036524
30.04.2022, 12:52

He tomado Essens Keto y me han parecido unos productos maravillosos. He conseguido controlar mi peso cosa que no había podido hacer anteriormente.
El sistema es fácil de seguir y nos dan todas las pautas para poder conseguir nuestros objetivos no solo de control de peso sino para mejorar nuestra salud y estado físico.
Agradezco a Essens por crear este sistema de control de peso y quedo a la espera de próximo productos en esta gama.

ID: 940057832
29.04.2022, 18:42

Hola a todos. Empecé Essens KETO hace dos meses y ahora estoy empezando la tercera fase. Resultado después de 56 días, 10 kg perdidos...¡Estoy super contenta! Soy mamá y decidí invertir en mi y en mi salud y estoy entusiasta con los resultado.
Esta dieta me ha ayudado en volver a tener hábitos de alimentación saludable y no picar entre comidas.
Además de la bajada de pesoy de no pasar hambre, lo más sorprendente es que he RESUELTO del todo mi problema de reflujo gastro esofageo y la ulcera estomacal que me habían provocado estos ácidos tan potentes. Ya no tengo acidez ni dolor de estómago. Estoy súper y con energía y vitalidad a tope y ahora a por la tercera fases.

Gisela Carmona Segarra
ID: 940046886
29.04.2022, 18:02

Después de haber completado mis 12 semanas con dieta keto y que haya transcurrido una semana más, puedo confirmar mis excelentes resultados: 11 kg perdidos y muchísimo volumen, además he seguido bajando peso esta semana porque todas las pautas aprendidas han venido para quedarse: sigo bebiendo mucha agua y haciendo comidas saludables con las cantidades propuestas de proteína y de verduras y muy pocos hidratos o azúcares. Me encanta poder adquirir los productos Essens Keto individualmente para poder seguir tomándome un batido para merendar y no caer en tentaciones. Muchas compañeras de trabajo y amigas que no me habían visto desde antes de mi embarazo y mi maternidad me han dicho que no se nota para nada que acabo de tener un bebé y que nunca me habían visto tan delgada y guapa. Y esa sensación es fabulosa. Bien vale la pena cuidarse con Essens Keto, ¿no?

Ana Maria
ID: 940004365
28.04.2022, 12:20

Hola he tomado Essens Keto las tres fases, y solo tengo que decir cosas buenas de este fantastico sistema de alimentación. Con el confinamiento y la menopausia cogi unos cuantos kilos de mas. Con este sistema de nutrición he conseguido bajar casi 13 kg. de grasa y mucho volumen. No he perdido masa muscular (tengo una báscula que me lo mide) y ademas mi nivel de autoestima y energia a subido mucho. No he pasado nada de hambre y eso de no tener que pensar en que comes (y si puedes comerlo) va fantastico. Gracias Essens por cuidar de nosotros.

ID: 940036881
27.04.2022, 13:41

Antes de los 40 años, prácticamente hacia la vida en la calle por temas de trabajo y mantenía una vida activa, mi metabolismo aguantaba todo lo que le echara, no engordaba, todo lo quemaba rápidamente, pero después de los 40 mi actividad laboral cambió, también me apetecía darme un relax, descansar y disfrutar de ver a mis hijos crecer, pero eso tuvo sus consecuencias, comencé engordar y entre en una rutina de vida sedentaria, vamos que me pasé con lo del relax y me daba cuenta que no llevaba buen camino, mi energía cambió, mi físico cambió, mi imagen cambió y me propuse a cambiar yo a como era antes, intente varias soluciones, pero ninguna me funcionó bien, hasta hasta que conocí #KETO Essens y estoy muy contento porque empiezo a ver resultados en 33 días perdí 7, 200 kg, tengo más energía y motivación, me estoy acercando a lo que era y eso me hace sentir bien, aún me queda la fase 2 y 3 pero estoy súper contento y sé que está conseguido. Seguiré creando sueños….

ID: 940087238
26.04.2022, 12:34

Yo pensaba que los productos no me iban a gustar, pero he de reconocer que me han encantado. Sabor, textura, fuerza… aún estoy en el proceso pero estoy segura que voy a ser una nueva persona.

ID: 940087238
25.04.2022, 23:39

Yo pensaba que los productos no me iban a gustar, pero he de reconocer que me han encantado. Sabor, textura, fuerza… aún estoy en el proceso pero estoy segura que voy a ser una nueva persona.

ID: 920091833
20.04.2022, 10:33

Buongiorno voglio condividere la mia esperienza con essensketo non ho mai considerato un programma a base di polveri proteiche perché ho sempre preferito masticare ma devo ricredermi con il nostro fantastico programma perché posso sia bere che masticare inventandosi anche delle deliziose ricette dolci e salate e anche gustose. Il peso che mi ero prefissata di perdere era di 4 kg ma il percorso è talmente facile da percorrere e sopratutto pratico che sono arrivata a perdere 6 kg modellando il mio corpo e sono molto contenta di questo ....ora continuo dopo due mesi con 2/3 pasti sostitutivi e gli altri 3 con una corretta alimentazione . Grazie Essens per avermi fatto raggiungere il mio obiettivo

ID: 1010075908
11.04.2022, 13:55

I\'ve been on Keto for 7 weeks now and have lost over 12 kilos. If you had told me this in the beginning, I would not have believed it.
All but one of the products are delicious (I just don\'t like the bacon porridge, but I mix it with the Vanilla 50/50 porridge and it\'s OK).
Especially the omelettes are very good.
I hope Essens will sell the products separately for future use and I hope Essens will let customers choose products in the box.
I can certainly recommend to everyone.

ID: 10042419
09.04.2022, 22:00

Chtěla bych firmě poděkovat, že s tímto produktem přišla. Do Keto diety jsem se pustila, protože jsem chtěla se svým tělem konečně něco udělat. Dlouhodobě se mi nedařilo zhubnout, proto jsem potřebovala pomoci. Proto když jsem viděla výsledky svých kolegů tak jsem se rozhodla do toho jít. Chtělo to velkou změnu. Velmi mě překvapilo, jak je tato dieta úžasná. Vůbec nemám hlad, ani chutě. Nevadí mi být s ostatními u jídla, dokonce jsem byla na několika oslavách narozenin, aniž bych měla chuť si něco vzít. Postupem času se z mé závislosti na jídle stává jen to, že jím abych žila. Nyní mám za sebou 4 týdnů s Keto dietou a začínám druhou fázi. Zhubla jsem 13 kg, přes boky mám -7cm a v pase - 11 cm! Cítím se lépe a jde to vidět. Jsem moc moc s mým rozhodnutím jít do toho. Keto dietu ráda doporučím každému, kdo chce zhubnout! Karin

Vilnis & Aija
ID: 1010040508
14.03.2022, 17:20

Добрый день, это опять я - Айя! :) Я не могу удержатся, чтобы не рассказать продолжение моего первого отзыва, который я написала пару дней назад. Буквально 5 дней назад начала 2.фазу KETO диеты. Взвешиваюсь 2 раза в неделю и довольно напряжённо ждала этот первый день взвешивания 2.фазы, поскольку на второй фазе два приема пищи надо заменить более менее привычными продуктами. Честно? Думала - а вдруг мой вес из-за этого начнет увеличиваться :)).
Но я была так удивлена, что я увидела на весах! За 4 первых дней второй фазы мой вес и объёмы резко уменьшились, и мой вес и объёмы теперь:
-5,8 кг
В талии -6 см
Под грудью -3,5
Объем бедра одной ноги -4,8 см
Объем бёдер -4 см
Объём живота ( ~3 см ниже пуповины) -7 см
Поскольку я перед началом диеты купила умные весы, я очень хорошо вижу, как улучшаются мои показания о состоянии организма.
Что мне нравится - это то, что я никогда не испытываю чувство голода и то, что те продукты, которые мы можем кушать кроме ESSENS KETO, очень сытные и мне даже нисколько не хочется ничего сладкого, хотя дома печенье стоит на столе.

ID: 10006318
13.03.2022, 19:33

Krásný dobrý den!
Do Essens Keto jsem se pustila, protože jsem se ve svém těle a se svou váhou netícitla dobře a dlouhodobě se mi nedařilo upravit jídelníček tak, abych dosáhla redukce. Prostě a jednoduše se mi v jídle omezovat nechtělo. Kromě toho jsem bývala často unavená a cítila se špatně i zdravotně. Chtělo to změnu. Pořádnou. Velmi mě překvapilo, jak příjemná tato dieta je. Vůbec nemám hlad, ani chutě. Nevadí mi připravovat běžné jídlo pro ostatní a sama ho nejíst, nevadí mi, když ostatní jedí zákusky nebo pijí alkohol a já ne. A to je úžasný pocit. Celkově se mi otevřely obzory. Na jídlo a alkohol se najednou dívám úplně jinak. Před tím jsem měla pocit, že se bez některých pochutin nedokážu obejít, teď vím, že ano. Začala jsem se více zajímat o jídlo celkově a baví mě připravovat jídla z povolených surovin. Postupem času se z \"diety\" stal životní styl. Nyní mám za sebou 5 týdnů s Essens Keto, jsem tedy ve druhé fázi. Zhubla jsem 7 kg (z původných 75 kg mám nyní 68 kg) a v pase jsem užší o 8 cm! Cítím se lehčí, volnější, na vzhledu je to hodně vidět. Konečně se po dlouhé době cítím ve svém těle dobře a to ještě není konec. Jsem moc ráda, že jsem se do toho pustila a určitě bych Essens Keto doporučila každému, kdo se chce ve svém těle cítit lépe! Děkuji za možnost do toho jít!

Vilnis & Aija
ID: 1010040508
11.03.2022, 14:30

Меня зовут Айя, я из Латвии. Мне 58 лет. Раньше я не очень пробовала диеты, поскольку всегда знала, что не смогу долго удержатся. В начале, когда я услышала про Essens KETO, я тоже не хотела обращать на неё внимание, но, через некоторое время моё любопытство победило и я поняла, что эта диета мне интересна.
8 марта я закончила 1.фазу диеты КЕТО. Пока я не прослушала первую часть KICK OFF-2022 , где рассказывали про Essens KETO диету, я немного расстроилась, что на 1 фазе потерянные килограммы не очень то большие: только -4,500 кг....но после просмотра KICK OFF я поняла, что с моим весом по другому и быть не могло :). Но больше всего я рада за потерянные сантиметры (объемы)...ведь мы хотим потерять то, что видим в зеркале, не так ли? А это ведь сантиметры.
И так, мой результат за 1.фазу:
-4,5 кг
В талии -5 см
Под грудью -3,5
Объем бёдра одной ноги -4 см
Объем бёдер -4 см
Объём живота ( ~3 см ниже пуповины) -4 см
Я очень рада за результат и я этот результат хорошо чувствую, когда одеваю джинсы :).

ID: 660003330
09.03.2022, 17:31

je recommande Keto .bon régime sans privation

Gisela Carmona Segarra
ID: 940046886
03.03.2022, 11:47

Estoy en mi primera semana de la fase 2 de Essens Keto. En la primera fase he perdido 5 kg y más de 30 cm de volumen en barriga, caderas, cintura y pecho. Tenía una barriga gordísima de mi post-embarazo y ahora tengo un vientre prácticamente plano. Los sabores me encantan todos. Mi favorito es el batido de vainilla y cereza. Yo no he notado los efectos secundarios. Solo un poco de dolor de cabeza el primer día. Y cada día que pasa me siento con mucha más energía y vitalidad. Puedo caminar mucho más rato que antes y también más deprisa. Además toda la gente nota el cambio. No estoy pasando hambre y encuentro muy interesante complementar las comidas keto con verduras porque así te acostumbras a comer sano y son hábitos que conservaré después de las 12 semanas. Ayer probé la receta de broccoli con queso y huevo que hay en la web. Sencillamente delicioso!!

ID: 680006622
02.03.2022, 19:13

I had pass at the minit the third week and lost -7kg! What amazing start!
Just wondering if we can better keep in next the omelette as Im not fancy of porridge !

ID: 660004341
02.03.2022, 16:07

Ayant déjà essayé plein de régime, celui-ci rempli le contrat, je le recommande sans hésiter.

ID: 920015280
17.02.2022, 14:19

Hola! He querido esperar 3 semanas para contaros mi experiencia.
Al principio lo pasé realmente mal, era adicto al azúcar de bebidas energéticas y a refrescos de cola. Tuve fuertes dolores de cabeza durante los primeros días y más cansancio de lo normal.
Pero a partir del 4º día todo cambio!!! Me despierto cada mañana con una energía increíble!

ID: 940026710
16.02.2022, 11:25

Добрый день. Меня зовут Виктория Сидорук Сачек мне 51 год . Я начала Кето диету Essens 31 января 2022 года с весом 95 кг ... Через 15 дней мой вес стал 84, 700 кг. Минус 10,300 кг . Чуствую себя прекрасно, много энергии, перестали болеть ноги, кожа на теле и лице в отличном состоянии. Делала всё по инструкции. Только три раза съела пятую еду поздно, и тогда вес снизился только на 100 гр.
7500 кг у меня ушло за первую неделю. Спасибо, очень довольна продуктом. Хотела бы в дальнейшем приобретать по отдельности для ежедневного использования. Очень удобно в приготовление, полезно и сытно . Можно брать с собой в путешествие...

ID: 1010024618
14.02.2022, 14:33

Bonjour, je suis Kathy je prends Keto depuis 15 jours j ai eu 47 ans hier et j ai perdu 4 kgs en 2 semaines en sachant que j ai fêté mon anniversaire sur 2 jours dont 2 repas festifs et un la 1ere semaine. J ai beaucoup de chance d avoir perdu quand meme.
Je continue de courir tous les jours 30 mns sans être fatigué 1ere semaine je me suis sentie sur 2 jours un peu fatiguée et étourdie.
Mais je sais que c est normal comme le dit le professeur.
J ai 3 membres qui les font avec moi , c est top !

Ivanna & Oleh
ID: 940022136
11.02.2022, 10:43

Меня зовут Иванна, мой индекс массы тела 31, проблема с щитовидной железной,уже много лет на гормонах, вес всегда уходил очень медленно, но с KETO питанием за 10 дней ушло 5 кг

ID: 940084175
09.02.2022, 15:34

Estoy encantada con essens keto empecé hace 8 días y ya perdí 6 kilos sin ansiedad por la comida y con energía a pesar de que he intentado anteriormente sin éxito perder los 30 kilos que me sobran consegui con otras dietas no ganar más peso pero no conseguía perder lo ya ganado estoy que no me lo creo! estoy muy animada con otras dietas he tenido muy mal humor debido a que no podía comer sobre todo el chocolate pero con essens keto cada día me levanto entusiasmada porque se que he perdido más peso parece que lo pierdo respirando sin esfuerzo . Tienen que probarlo !!!!

ID: 1570000128
02.02.2022, 15:32

Świetny pomysł . Keto omlety przepyszne z dodatkiem warzyw. Shake orzechowy i wiśniowy mistrzostwo świata ,idealny smak . Można na ciepło i zimno . Nie trzeba się martwic co zjeść ,wystarczy otworzyć - woda i szejk,szejk i mamy świetny posiłek . Testuje dalej zobaczymy juz niedługo efekty .

ID: 940040022
31.01.2022, 17:28

He empezado hoy con el plan Essens Keto y he probado las gachas de vainilla y el batido de cereza y vainilla, están buenísimos y no se pasa nada de hambre, tambien bebo té negro, para suplementar la ingesta de líquidos, esta noche voy a cenar la tortilla con sabor a bacon que ya la he olido y Ñam Ñam!!! 100% recomendable todos los suplementos alimenticios del pack keto! Gracias por este producto!

ID: 1010030011
31.01.2022, 08:13

Day 5 and now 5Lb down. Enjoying the programme. Best results are if all powders are mixed in a liquidiser to ensure no lumps. An extra measuring scoop would be useful for savoury and sweet. Nut shake is lovely and the chocolate shake is great for a hot chocolate at night.

ID: 940026710
31.01.2022, 07:24

Сегодня 30 января и я начинаю курс с Keto dietas! Меня зовут Виктория мне 51 год ,у меня менопауза очень сложно убрать вес. Я знакома с протеиновой диетой. До Essens я использовала протеиновый коктейль в течение 12 лет. Но Essens сделал супер программу, я верю в неё. Мне очень нравится состав всех продуктов. Большое количество протеина, мне это очень нравиться. Я не буду испытывать чувства голода, и моя кожа не обвиснет. А ещё мне нравится, что есть еда на целый день ,и очень удобно и быстро говится. У меня в связи с эти есть вопрос, могули я после трех месячного курса, использовать 2-3 продукта в повседневной жизни? Мой вес 95,400 кг при росте 1м61 см. Благодарю за супер программу!


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